FakeEU: France moves to fight the ‘manipulation of information’ instead of ‘fake news’

The staged death of Arkady Babchenko, a Russian journalist living in Kiev known for his critical views of the Kremlin, made headlines all over Europe.

Although Babchenko and Ukrainian secret services claimed his death was staged in order to catch his alleged Russian hitman, several publications reacted critically. Deutsche Welle and The Guardian, for instance, wrote that the episode risks permanently damaging the media’s credibility.

Meanwhile, France continues to be the principal political laboratory in Europe for legislative acts against the dissemination of fake news.

After the French Constitutional Council published its opinion on a law against misinformation drafted by President Emmanuel Macron’s government, the Cultural Affairs Committee of Parliament debated and amended the text. The law now aims at fighting the “manipulation of information” instead of “fake news” per se.

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